An introduction to ourselves

We were first introduced to Alaskan Malamutes in the early nineties when we were looking at changing our existing breed.   We had decided on a   Spitz breed and narrowed our search down to   Alaskan Malamutes   or   Siberian Huskies.   After talking to people from both individual breeds and getting slightly bias answers to our   questions from both parties, we were eventually lucky enough to meet someone who owned both breeds and who could give us an impartial opinion of the pro's and con's of the ownership of each.   After doing extensive research, we came to the decision that the   Alaskan Malamute   was the breed best suited for us and our family.   And so started our love affair with the breed.


Bandit was our first dog.   He was a big cuddly black and white   puppy, who quickly grew into a gentle giant and the perfect pet.


I then decided that I would like to   try dog showing and because of the perfect temperament of Bandit, I had no hesitation in going back to his breeders to ask to be considered for a show quality puppy when one became available. After a   wait, along came   Kodi our second boy.


Kodi   being my first show dog exceeded all my expectations and more.   After several years we decided to increase our   Malamute numbers by adding a girl to our family. Thus came   Kira, followed two years later by her half sister Tally.


Moya has now joined the pack.  She is grand-daughter to Kodi.  


We now have two new additions to our pack.  Mokey and Doozer. They are the two pups we kept from Tally's first litter.